Complaints and Disciplinary Policy

Assessment of Complaints

  • If a report is received that an AfSFH member is breaching or not meeting standards outlined in the AfSFH Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics, the first action will be to clarify said information, including the reliability of the source.
  • The member will be contacted by a member of the Ethics Committee and given the opportunity to explain and/or clarify.

Minor Breaches
In the case of inadvertent or minor breaches it may be enough for the member to be contacted and offered support.

Substantial Breaches
For more serious breaches a ‘panel’ will be formed of Ethics Committee members and there are a number of sanctions that may be employed:

  • A clear instruction of how the member should address said breach and improve their future conduct.
  • A requirement for further training and or evidence of learning to be undertaken.
  • A suspension.
  • Revocation of membership.

In the event of any of these sanctions being imposed, said member may request a full appeal with the ‘panel’ and committee of AfSFH, the committee’s decision following the appeal shall be final.