Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – A Pharmacist’s perspective…

Written by Claire Noyelle As a practising pharmacist, people are often visibly surprised that I would also be trained in something as ‘alternative’ as Hypnotherapy. And I admit, I was slightly cynical when I first started studying it at The Clifton Practice; right up until I actually started working with clients as a student practitioner … Read moreSolution Focused Hypnotherapy – A Pharmacist’s perspective…

Little LEGO blocks of success

Written by Adam Pearson A mathematician recently noted that if you take six standard LEGO blocks there are 915 million ways of putting them together. And hence I suppose the choice: follow the instructions, or go solo – either way you’re bound to come up with something fun! Applying this to our lives, we can … Read moreLittle LEGO blocks of success

10 Amazing Facts About The Brain!

Written by Elaine Way The brain is a complex and fascinating organ. As a therapist and clinical hypnotherapist, I spend my time working with clients aiming to make their brain work better for them. But how much do you actually know about the brain? Here are 10 amazing brain facts: A normal brain is approximately … Read more10 Amazing Facts About The Brain!

How does self-belief influence long-term success?

Written by Silvia Boric Oakes-Wilson Why do people get trapped in a vicious circle of endeavouring to achieve and failing? Why does it happen that even when we lose weight, shine at our presentation, or get that job, we so often gain the weight back or still feel incompetent? Why does it often result in … Read moreHow does self-belief influence long-term success?

How to Overcome Your Inner Caveman

Written by Geraldine Joaquim We live in a fast-paced modern world with a huge amount of distractions and pressures on our every day lives. It’s easy to dismiss our ‘first world problems’ as rather self-indulgent, and to some degree they are. The majority of us (the lucky ones) don’t have to worry about a roof … Read moreHow to Overcome Your Inner Caveman

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

In the 2000s, hypnotherapists began to combine the best of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) with Ericksonian hypnotherapy to produce therapy that was goal focused (what the client wanted to achieve) rather than the more traditional problem focused approach (spending time discussing the issues that brought the client to seek help). A solution-focused hypnotherapy session … Read moreSolution Focused Brief Therapy