Creating Light Bulb Moments!

Written by Sarah Stanley Have you ever felt anxious, fearful, lacking in confidence? Or low and depressed? If you have, you will understand how difficult it is to think clearly or to feel positive about anything. Here’s a message I received recently from a client who had an irrational fear of being alone at night: … Read moreCreating Light Bulb Moments!

Sparing your blushes: how hypnotherapy helps erythrophobia

Written by Debbie Daltrey We all blush sometimes, usually from mild embarrassment. All that happens is that our cheeks darken slightly, which soon passes. However for some people erythrophobia (the fear of blushing) creates overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Why do we blush? Blushing is actually part of our primitive flight-or-flight response. When we’re faced with … Read moreSparing your blushes: how hypnotherapy helps erythrophobia

10 things you didn’t know about smoking

Written by Elizabeth Newton Thousands of people are stopping smoking every month and the good news is, you can too. Here are 10 things you perhaps didn’t know about smoking. All the more reason to make today the day YOU decide to quit for life. We smoke as a result of both brainwashing and chemical … Read more10 things you didn’t know about smoking

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – A Pharmacist’s perspective…

Written by Claire Noyelle As a practising pharmacist, people are often visibly surprised that I would also be trained in something as ‘alternative’ as Hypnotherapy. And I admit, I was slightly cynical when I first started studying it at The Clifton Practice; right up until I actually started working with clients as a student practitioner … Read moreSolution Focused Hypnotherapy – A Pharmacist’s perspective…

Little LEGO blocks of success

Written by Adam Pearson A mathematician recently noted that if you take six standard LEGO blocks there are 915 million ways of putting them together. And hence I suppose the choice: follow the instructions, or go solo – either way you’re bound to come up with something fun! Applying this to our lives, we can … Read moreLittle LEGO blocks of success